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  1. Home & Family whirlpool dryer won't turn on

    Hello; thanks for the inquiry about your dryer not turning on. Based on that description I wouls sugest that you check the door switch and actuator. Be sure you unplug the dryer before any service. …
  2. Home & Family how do you use Oxi Clean with a Kenmore High Efficiency low water washing machine

    Hello: I would strongly recommend you visit the oxiclean web site for directions of using there product; I did find Quotes from them as follows. Ron H. Method 1: Completely dissolve one ounce of…
  3. Home & Family My Kenmore refrigerator model 106.56939600 is leaking water at the water dispenser even when the lock is on.

    Yes, you should be able to replace the valve yourself. it is located on the back of the refrigerator, water supply hooks up to this part. Take a look at it and if you feel comfortable replacing it con…
  4. Home & Family My Kenmore refrigerator model 106.56939600 is leaking water at the water dispenser even when the lock is on.

    Thanks you for the question about your refrigerator dispenser leaking water, If I understand correctly water is dripping or flowing out of the dispenser fill tube. If this is correct either the inlet …
  5. Home & Family my ice maker is spilling water although it still makes ice. the water freezes into large mounds of ice in the drawer.

    Thanks for the question about your refrigerator and ice maker. The water flow is controlled by two things, the ice maker itself and the water inlet valve. Inspect the ice maker for cubes stuck and not…
  6. Home & Family lights won't go off, Kenmore Model 795 Bottom Freezer

    Thanks for the question about your refrigerator. The lights failking to go out coauld be a simple door switch or could be more involved. Check the door switches at the top of the doors for a broken ac…
  7. Home & Family We recently bought a kenmore electric range and we have been loving it. However we melted a clear plastic container and can not remove it. Please help! Thanks

    Hello Tphillipson, you may want to try this trick, apply a cold pack to the plastic, then try to break it up and remove. Depending on the model and type this may release the stuck plastic enought to r…
  8. Home & Family Kenmore wall oven 790.48029801 not heating

    Thanks for your question about your wall oven model 790.48029801; sorry you are having a problem with it heating. With the limited information provided I would recommend the next step would be to test…
  9. Home & Family my he2 model 11097531701 drier runs but doesnt throw heat

    Here is an answer provided by Expert Joey S. There are a few possible components which can fail and prevent the dryer from heating. The most common is the thermal fuse. The thermal fuse can be acces…
  10. Outdoors Sears Lawn Tractor w/ Briggs Stratton engine. Model has "totally automatic transmission" which works great. My small lawn tractor (don't have model number because it is pouring down rain) was working perfecty Saturday morning. I ran over a nail and had to stop to fix that. I had to jack the tractor up to remove the wheel. When I got the wheel back on, the tractor started but I could not get the transmisson to engage in reverse or forward. It had worked an hour earlier. I checked all the things I could think of including the little lock mechanism. Any suggestions

    Hello, based on the description provided, I suggest purging the transmission. this process is covered in your owners manual. If you need an owners manual go Managemylife .com and select manuals. You…
  11. Outdoors My garden tractor model 917.274041 quite running. It will start in neutral, blade disengaged and brake set BUT as soon as I release brake engine dies (with a backfire). What could be problem>

    Hello Bedley, the most common reason for the issue you have described is a malfuntioning seat switch. It is loscated under the seat and if it becomes dusty of rusted , movement on the seat will cause …
  12. Home & Family Garage Door Opener 13953975srt1 Learn light blinking - wont open or close w remotes or wall unit or keyless pad. Pad wont light up and sensor not detecting. Unit has power and lightbulbs are working.

    Hello again, the learn button will come on steady for 30 seconds, then go off. I believe the logic board is you problem. If you need a owners manual you can down load one from the Managemylife.com web…
  13. Home & Family Garage Door Opener 13953975srt1 Learn light blinking - wont open or close w remotes or wall unit or keyless pad. Pad wont light up and sensor not detecting. Unit has power and lightbulbs are working.

    Hello, sorry to hear you are having a problem with your GDO. Based on the explanation you have provided it appears you have done testing well. I do suspect there is a problem with the logic board and …
  14. Home & Family I cannot get my water filter installed after removing the old one. It's model # ADQ36006102. Following the steps in the directions however it will not go into place

    Hello and thanks for the question about your filter issue. The first answer you recieved is right on track, I would only add that you try reinstalling the old filter. If the old one goes back in okay …
  15. Outdoors My Craftsman garden tractor 917.272960 died when running fine up a hill with a fairly heavy load in the trailer. It shut of immediately, without sputtering or stalling. Now it won't start, no crank, no sound, nothing. What do I do next?

    Thanks for the question about your tractor, based on your description of the tractor doing nothing including the kights not working I suggest removing the fuse and testing it. It sound as if the fuse …
  16. Home & Family My kenmore elite range has error "sd" displayed. How do I correct this?

    Thanks for your request for information about the SD error code Here is the solution:Sales Display Mode: Re-power the appliance. Within 60 seconds touch and hold the Oven Cook Time pad until "PF" app…
  17. Outdoors The plastic fuel tank on my mini-tiller developed a crack in the seam, the part has been discontinued with no substitute item - is there a glue or something else that could be used to seal this crack?

    Thanks for your question about the cracked gas tank. Yes there are kits avalable for this repair. The kits are liste at Sears.com just search for Plastic gas tank repait kits, there are several choic…
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