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  1. Home & Family What am I supposed to do when the repair shop breaks my sewing machine (livelihood) and I am told that all I can do is send it back in, be without it AGAIN for however many weeks (last time it was a little over 5 weeks), and trust that they will fix it this time not break it!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I was told that I was offered the wrong support plan. I should have been offered the one where if I have a problem I send the machine in and get reimbursed so I can get another one that works, that day!!!! Again, I have to pay for Sears’s mistakes. Is there anything anyone there at Sears can do for me as I need a machine NOW that works to be able to get paid? Believe me, if I could afford it, I would throw this one away and buy a new one somewhere else but I can’t so I HOPE you can help me!