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  1. Home & Family I started working at sears sat. the 24 of aug. at 10 a.m. within an hr. of being there I noticed a shop lifter. I went to the office and reported it. Later that day i reported another one. Both times nothing was done. The following sat. the 31st at 10:05 a.m I noticed two young white males taking parts out of a gear puller set. I went to the office and reported it. On my way back to the auto center I saw a lady putting a set of wrenches in her bag she was holding and turned around and reported it. On my way back from reporting that noticed a lady with 7 or 8 pieces of clothing on hangers walk out the door and get in a blue car and drive away. The same day a lady that works at the store gave a oil change to one of her friends free. also one of the mech. give a discount to one of his friends and reported them to the store manager. the following monday my manager called me to the side and told me to stop doing that and look the other way because if I did it again I would be probably be fired. Today I called my manager and told him one of the guys in the shop had been gone for 1 hr and 45 min. he said I'll be up there in a little while and take care of it. When he got there I was called into the office and was fired. I thought I was doing the right thing but I guess I was doing the wrong thing. Appaently took it as I was telling them how to do their job when I said you need to get someone back there their stealing you blind.I was always there early worked over when ask to and did everything ask of me except look the other way as was told I was let go for the good of the team. Does anyone think this is wrong besides me???