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  1. Home & Family Does Sears care?Let us all ponder this question as I relate one of the most disgraceful stories of Customer Service,(snicker) you may ever hear.This wasn't always the case, over the years I have had good 'ol reliable Sears install dishwashers,stoves,refrigerator all to great satisfaction.They also installed an air conditioning unit. An air conditioning unit that proceeded to flood 2 bedrooms,hallway, attic all the way through to garage ruining everything in it's dark brown water and mold path.My mother's insurance company(Farmers),(this is her reversed mortgaged home and she is an 80yr old invalid with cardiac and respiratory issues),dispatched a clean-up crew and A.C. repairman pronto. After calming my over-stressed 2yr no days off unpaid caregiver nerves with the soothing sounds of "Don't worry, you have plenty of coverage"I settled down,well at least I stopped sobbing and vomiting.This moment of relative calm was quickly shattered with the words IMPROPER INSTALLATION and hey, tough luck poor wretch who ha

    Why is David W. saying he's going to contact via phone and the moderator is going to reach out via email? Sears is large enough to deal with something like this immediately.