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  1. Home & Family We purchased a small fridge for a college dorm. It has not worked since we opened the box unfortunately it was 7 days after delivery. We learned too late if you purchase online you can only return unopened within 5 days. If you buy a warranty it will take over 21 days to for the item to be repaired. IF the item will cost more to get repaired than replace under warranty Sears will not replace until the repair people have been there 4 times. So essentially the small fridge purchased for the hot weather is useless and sears business practice of spending more on repairs rather than focusing on customer satisfaction(no fridge for 21 days? While the weather is 98 in the room. It is extremely poor customer service.) and replacing said item would have been within best business practice of limiting expenses ( the condenser unit and employee time costs more than a replacement) leads me to wonder, why should I continue shopping at sears? We remember when sears had its own repair crew and repairs occurred within a few days. But now. First we had to do a thing about unplugging replugging in 24 hours to see if that worked according to the online staff, then it was 8 days for scheduled repair, then its 14 days before the part will come in, then its a few more days until the repair man will come back. If we had been allowed to just bring in the non working unit and return it for one that works think of the labor you would have saved sears, think of the saving on parts, and more importantly think about not loosing a long term customer. What were you thinking? And to accomplish this customer had to speak to six different people, why? I just shake my head in sadness….