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  1. Health & Fitness Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place but I bought the Nordictrack x9i from the Sears Ingram Mall location here in San Antonio, TX and decided to return the item. Since it was home delivered to my house, it had to be delivered back to the warehouse. So I called on 2/15/13 to request a pick up and the Sears Home Delivery people came and picked the item up on 2/20/13. I was told that it would take 7-10 business days to process and then my Sears card would be credited. I waited and then on 2/27/13 I called Sears Credit Card Customer Service to check status on my refund and the balance never changed. The Sears CSR rep told me I needed to go to my local store and bring my receipt and demand they refund my card. Well I went to the store and they couldn't help me. This is the beginning of the long work around. The store says they are waiting for the warehouse, and the warehouse states they have the merchandise already checked in yet the refund was not on my card yet. I started calling the store again and would get the usual run around of leaving my number and someone would call me back. On 3/11/13 I called the warehouse and they told me to call the Ingram store to request a "Help Ticket" made. I then spoke to a manager at that location and she said the customer solutions department would call me back and let me know what to do. The customer solutions called me on 3/12/13 saying I need to call the credit card customer service to ask for my refund. Again another work around. I called the Sears Card customer service and they opened up a Credit Card dispute on 3/15/13. I've been trying to work with different departments now it is almost a month later since the dispute was opened, and the dispute department is now asking for information that they should already have. How long should a refund take to get credited back to my card if the item was picked up on 2/20/2013?