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  1. Home & Family Placed an order on November 25th, paid with Paypal. Sears received the funds on the 25th. Sears cancelled the order on the 26th since the product was out of stock. Today it's December 6th and I still have no refund. Contacted 1-800-697-3277, they were absolutely no help, they said they never received the funds to call Paypal although I indicated I was on paypal.com and could see that Sears had received the funds. Called Paypal and sure enough they indicated Sears did receive the funds on Nov. 25th. How hard is it to look up the order number, see that is was cancelled, look up Sears Paypal account and see the funds were received but never refunded and refund the money? How long must I wait? I would like to speak to someone directly and get some definitive answers.