1. Home & Family Purchased a Beautyrest Catskills--started sagging after about 45 days--I call to exchange and was given the runaround with bogus phone numbers and told I had 120 days to exchange versus the 30 days. So when I finally go in-store, I was told I must of hit the wrong option on the phone and that the help desks makes mistakes. Then I was told I missed the window for my exchange and it was now a warranty issue. I call into the Warranty department, my phone number is listed with a completely different name/location. Today is 1/13 and I was told I could not get an inspection until 2/7. My mom suggested buying a mattress from Sears, big mistake. I simply want a mattress that has no memory foam. Why is this such a difficult request. I've had the mattress less than ninety days and 30 days of that I was required to keep it. Can someone out there help us navigate through the Warranty inspection? I was told that if the sag is less than 1.5", they would not replace.