1. Home & Family Why does Sears treat their VIP Gold Members so poorly. We have been waiting over 3 months to have our Samsung 55" Smart TV repaired just to get the shaft and run around from Sears and Samsung. This is our second TV and the appear to only last approximately one year until the screen begins turning black. They say they have a policy that is you have to wait more than 30 days for parts they will replace it but this is not true. We have one appointment missed, they showed up for the second without any repair parts, didn't show today and after they asked us to confirm that parts were shipped to our home told us they have the parts but no technician to come out until March 5th so the 30 day rule doesn't apply. March 5th will be more than 4 months waiting for service. If they treat their VIP Gold Members this way, I feel sorry for a regular customer.