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  1. Home & Family Explore Florida

    We have family Florida that we have not seen in years. I think a Floridacation is an excellent idea :)
  2. Home & Family What’s Your Vacation Style?

    Def the beach! I love sitting there with my feet in the sand and a cold drink at hand. Closing my eyes feeling the sun on my face with a slow breeze blowing. To me that is luxury!
  3. Home & Family Spring Planning Survey May 7

    Really small paintball guns like seen on icarly. The kids love them.
  4. Home & Family Vacation Your Way With These Fun Cruising Styles

    Waited on hand and foot! I would love that! Mom shouldn't be appreciated only on Mother's day :)Schedule every Mom you know a trip down memory lane now. Scheduling the trip is the first step to creati…
  5. Home & Family Spring Planning Survey May 21

    Dog food container that is easy to reload that houses the dog dishes too