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  1. Home & Family I have always had high respect for SEARS and like my Kenmore appliances. My issue is with the service dept. I have a Kenmore upright freezer that was purchased new. It recently quit freezing. I called for service and was told that I would have a 2 1/2 week wait to have service come out. I advised the gal (could hardly understand her) that I would not be home that week....she scheduled it anyway...since I got a phone call when I wasn't at home that service would be there the next day. So I called back and had to reschedule for over another whole week away. Today is that day. Service person arrived and then informed me that the freezer had to be plugged in for 24 hours prior so that he could look at it. I was NOT ADVISED of this fact in advance otherwise I would have had it plugged in. Now I have to WAIT for a WHOLE MORE WEEK. This is ridiculous!!!! I have lost a LOT of FOOD. I tried calling the service number again, but they don't listen, they know nothing, and they just do what they want to do. I had asked to speak to a supervisor...apparently they have no one in that capacity. Then the first gal put me on hold and I was disconnected. So I called back. The guy that I got was worse on English that the first gal. I told him what I wanted and it was like he didn't understand anything. They he told me that the manager was in a meeting. Then he told me that the manager was out of town. (big surprise there) Then he told me that he had called the technician for him to call me. I told him I had already spoken with the technician and that wasn't the issue. Then he put me on hold...forever...until the line disconnected. IF THIS IS CUSTOMER SERVICE THEN NO WONDER SEARS IS LOOSING BUSINESS! I, and family, have had SEARS appliances for years and years and I have NEVER had customer service this poor or had to wait this long! What is wrong with you SEARS??? It would also be nice to get a reply from someone, but I doubt that will occur! I spent 28 years in customer service and if I had performed my job this way there would have been NO JOB!