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  1. Home & Family I am a long time Sears customer who is sadly just about done with your organization. My current experience is a new low in customer service. 3 years ago I purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator, Model number 795.78546.804, Serial number 904KR00436. 4 weeks ago, the unit failed. Cooling and freezing both went out. Several hundred dollars of food spoiled while I fought with Sears service for 5 days before a technician came and replaced a faulty valve under the sealed system warranty. This Saturday, the unit began to fail again. First the ice maker quit and now slowly the unit is losing cooling and freezing. In the face of again loosing a refrigerator/freezer full of food, in a 3 year old refrigerator, repaired only 4 weeks prior, I was told by service that it would be 13 days until a technician could be dispatched! That is is remarkable new low in customer service for me. Sears should be ashamed of this level of disregard for a customer who purchased a major appliance. Right now I am facing hiring and paying a non-Sears service organization to perform warranty repairs on a faulty Sears product. If I do not receive any response fro Sears, I plan on billing Sears for this service. (I can't go 13 days without a refrigerator) as well as the cost of two units full of spoiled food. In the absence of any response, I will have bought my last appliance from Sears and I will use all my social networking and review platform exposure to urge others to do the same. It simply is not worth the risk to be left with a defective unit like a refrigerator/freezer and virtually NO SUPPORT. Please advise if there is ANY alternative Sears can offer to stand by a long time customer. Thank you. Dennis P********, ******@yahoo.com