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  1. Home & Family I have had the absolute worst experience from Sears Home Delivery and Customer care ever. I will never shop at Sears again and furthermore, I am posting on Facebook to everyone to avoid this as well. I purchased a dryer and a refrigerator on Sunday and paid for delivery and they were to install my ice maker. The first problem was that I had to take off half a day of work because in my area the delivery was from 1-3 p.m. Really!!!! When I purchased the appliances I was told I had to turn off and on the water which I understood. When they brought the appliances they came in and went to the basement because that is where my water line is. I showed them the water shut off valve, he informed me that he could not be present when I turned off and on the water, not even on my property. They could not hook up my fridge or take out the old one, because they could not see me unhook the existing line on the back of the fridge. This is unbelievable, they told me they would have to come back I said no, I had to take off work as it is. They called their supervisor and he had them hook up my fridge in the garage and they are coming on Saturday to hook it up. Then I called the store to complain I have to wait until Saturday to get a resolution to this huge inconvenience. I tried to call the corporate office for home deliver, which by the way is in India, that was not really helpful and they were rude as can be. I tried to call Sears corporate office and I was shuffled around to many many departments. It was always someone else's problem. YOU ALL WORK FOR SEARS, ITS YOUR PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!! FIX IT, MAKE IT RIGHT!!! I also forgot to mention that when the delivery guy came in to drop off my dryer, he pretty much informed me that if they had to hook it up they would have to have another dryer vent kit, I know that's why we are doing it, hello. While he was on phone with his supervisor, he asked if I was a man or a woman. What difference does that make? I'm a customer plain and simple. What is sears going to do for me to resolve this?