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  1. Holidays & Parties Do You Plan To Participate On St Patrick’s Day?

    I wear green, and go to a bar and get whatever green alcoholic beverage they have that isn't beer (usually whiskey).
  2. Home & Family if I sent my ring to be sized how long will it take? I don't wanna part with it but I need it to fit.

    Average turn around is 2-3 weeks, but sometimes it may take longer at this time of year with all the extra sizings they have to work on. Best advice is to call your local store and find out when they…
  3. Heroes at Home My husband is a veteran for Operation Iraqi Freedom and on active duty. I know at one point you guys offered gift cards of sorts was wondering if this was still offered or anything similar? Thank you.

    The enrollment period for the gift cards is usually at the end of the summer. There will be another enrollment next year.
  4. Saving Money I would advise anyone buying christmas gifts not to do so at Sears due to their refund policy

    Starting on 11/17 there is actually an extended return policy in place. Items that usually have 30 days, will have until 1/24/14 to return them.
  5. Home & Family I purchased a care plan for a ring and it is not being honored by the store. I am getting nowhere with local sears where the ring was purchased and manager will not return calls.

    I actually work in a jewelry dept for sears. A few questions to see if maybe I can help. What is the metal of the ring? When was the ring purchased? Was it a lifetime or 2 year care plan? Do you h…
  6. Home & Family What is the return policy for the craftsman wet/dry vac? does the vac fall under the consumer electronic category or tools?

    Sorry it was confusing. Electronics, jewelry, appliances, lawn and garden, tools (which the shop vac would be under) items must be returned in box/tags attached unused for a full refund except in the…
  7. Home & Family What is the return policy for the craftsman wet/dry vac? does the vac fall under the consumer electronic category or tools?

    If it is new in the box there is no restocking fee. If the item has been opened and used there is a restocking fee. With the exception of damaged merchandise. Same with electronics, appliances, jewe…
  8. Food & Cooking Favorite Fall Recipe?

    Literally made this yesterday.... 1 pk frozen tortalini 2 cans italian diced tomatoes 1 box or 4 cups vegetable broth 1 small package fresh spinach 8oz cream cheese (cut into chunks) Add al…
  9. Home & Family I started working at sears sat. the 24 of aug. at 10 a.m. within an hr. of being there I noticed a shop lifter. I went to the office and reported it. Later that day i reported another one. Both times nothing was done. The following sat. the 31st at 10:05 a.m I noticed two young white males taking parts out of a gear puller set. I went to the office and reported it. On my way back to the auto center I saw a lady putting a set of wrenches in her bag she was holding and turned around and reported it. On my way back from reporting that noticed a lady with 7 or 8 pieces of clothing on hangers walk out the door and get in a blue car and drive away. The same day a lady that works at the store gave a oil change to one of her friends free. also one of the mech. give a discount to one of his friends and reported them to the store manager. the following monday my manager called me to the side and told me to stop doing that and look the other way because if I did it again I would be probably be fired. Today I called my manager and told him one of the guys in the shop had been gone for 1 hr and 45 min. he said I'll be up there in a little while and take care of it. When he got there I was called into the office and was fired. I thought I was doing the right thing but I guess I was doing the wrong thing. Appaently took it as I was telling them how to do their job when I said you need to get someone back there their stealing you blind.I was always there early worked over when ask to and did everything ask of me except look the other way as was told I was let go for the good of the team. Does anyone think this is wrong besides me???

    Call 88sears. 1 - 888 - 88 73277 (spaces left so it doesnt block the #)
  10. Saving Money I need my point total evaluated. I purchased a frig and was told I would get 150,000 points. what are they worth in dollars?

    1,000 = $1 so you would have $150. Basically whenever you see a comma replace it with a period and you have your total in $.
  11. Home & Family what's the return procedure for online purchases?

    It would all depend on the item. Some items will specifically say it can only be returned via mail. Others can be returned to a sears store. If it is part of the marketplace (third party vendor) it…
  12. Home & Family I was planning on moving into my apartment in Bowling Green, Ohio on August 21. We have a Sears right near there, so I placed an order for five items for delivery. However, the only options they gave me for delivery was either August 19 (Monday) or August 26 (the following Monday). I can't do the 26th because that is when school starts and I'd be without furniture for a week. I chose the 19th and decided to move in early because I felt that was the ONLY option, but it still says that one item will be arrive the 16th, one the 19th, and the other three on the 23rd. Is it possible to reschedule it already so they are all arrived on the same day like the 21 or something? Please let me know!

    Not related to your issue, but have a great time at BGSU! That is my alma mater. I love love love and miss Polleyes breadsticks. I stopped there on my way back from a wedding in Michigan just to ta…
  13. Home & Family Favorite fall TV show this season?

    How I Met Your Mother, Glee (just to see where they are gonna take the show), Once Upon a Time, and American Horror Story.
  14. Outdoors Is it recommended to put on a sealant or some sort of water repellent for a brand new tent?

    Living in an area that has a lot of unpredictable weather, I recommend getting a tarp to put under the tent. It keeps the moisture from the ground out. Also invest in some camp cots. Sleeping off t…
  15. Saving Money Where do I apply for lease to own

    You cannot directly apply for a lease to own. The leasing program is offered when someone is not approved through our two banks for the sears card.
  16. Food & Cooking How to make a yummy & good looking omelet?

    That is really helpful! I will have to try it. My omlettes always end up as "eggs with stuff mixed in". That is my one cooking fail that I have.
  17. Home & Family How often do you change (or recommend changing) your car battery?

    Honestly it depends on the battery. Some are made to last a long time others are a shorter time. If you are going to have a oil change before going or have your car just looked at by a mechanic to ma…
  18. Health & Fitness Do you have a trampoline?

    I don't have one, but I do know people who do. Make sure you have it fenced in with the trampoline mesh fence things. It creates less of a chance of falls because the fence keeps the kids in. Also …
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