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  1. Home & Family How do I file a formal complaint with regards to the repair that is still not completed on my refrigerator?

    Your only recourse is to file a Better Business Bureau compliant online, specifically the Chicago, Illinois BBB. Sears' BBB rating still means something to them, and they will contact you quickly.
  2. Home & Family Hi, I have an order that is incomplete.... i checked the status section but it does not indicate delivery or expected delivery. can you help me?

    If you call or email, they will tell you to wait 5-8 business days. After you wait it out and call back, they will no nothing. Your problem is you ordered more than one item and no one working for S…
  3. Home & Family I placed an online order and only received half the order. The packing slip shows only the items in the box, how can I get the rest of the items I paid for?

    Just wanted to give everyone an update. Here is the email I got after responding to the post above: Thank you for shopping at Sears.com! We are still in the process of researching your order,…