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  1. Outdoors I purchased a power pressure washer, ran it 3 times, stored it for a year and then found that the unit failed. I brought it in for service, was informed that the unit would cost about $90.00 to repair. A week or so later, a service technician called and informed me a part had gone bad, and that the cost would be about $150.00. The next day, I received another call from service department and they stated I needed a new pump assembly and the cost would be about $290.00. I have been a Sears customer for quite awhile - over 40 years and purchase from Sears because they stand behind their merchandise. I mentioned this to service team, and they checked with management to see if they could give me a break due to light use of unit and most likely a defective part. I was informed that management would not provide any discount. I really have to say I am disappointed - now it seems that there is no reason to shop Sears - you get the same treatment as anyplace else, so may as well just go with the lowest cost vendor.

    Thanks for getting back to me, I have done as you asked. I will post an update once I hear back from the support team.
  2. Home & Family What the **** do a person have to do to get some results ?

    Document the transaction carefully and thoroughly, then contact a lawyer.