1. Home & Family I purchased a washer and dryer online on the 2nd of sept for the price of $1500 they were a Kenmore elite set. We had some personal family issues and had to cancel the dryer when I spoke to the lady that for one could not speak English it was stated that she could not cancel just one. So she had to cancel the whole order. We tried to order just the washer but had no luck because the $1500 return was still not back in the account. My wife contacted again today and tried to get something done with this while they were on sale another women that could not speak English got on the phone was no help. We asked could we just go to the store and swipe our card or talk to someone to speed up the refund process. The lady stated no they are two systems and don’t work together. So we asked so you are unwilling to work with us to get this fixed you are going to lose $1500. The lady stated we are a very large corporation and can afford $1500. I understand that Sears/Kmart is a large corporation but if you keep having the same mind set of well it is only 15 here 30 there it is going to add up. Me personally I have to say I do a lot of shopping a Kmart and sears I am really reconsidering it. It may only be 1500 for your corporation but a for an Active Duty Service Member, Father of 4 Boys, husband and youth sports coach it is a lot. As any business you have to make a profit and I hope that you have great success but with the current customer service I do not see that happening.