1. Home & Family Just spoken with one of your customer care people and guess what. I got standard responses. We sympathize with your problem but can do little to resolve this issue. Take a look online at all the complaints about this model and tell me there is not a major issue with it. A compressor breakdown after less then 2 years but over the 1 year warranty and the part can't be replaced anymore. The model should have been recalled and full refund issued to all those who purchased this heap of junk. For those that don't know you all should have received a letter about getting a rebate for the extra electrical use after a DOE study. Didn't even get one myself but after doing research found a website that has a claim form on it. ( http://www.energyclaimrebate.com/User/referencenumber.htm ) Word of advice you need a reference number to put in a claim or have to call a helpline number which you have to hold on and if your lucky you may get through to someone before they hang up on you. I am totally disillusioned with Sears and wouldn't recommend any Kenmore product to anyone.My advice go elsewhere before buying at Sears as they can do nothing to help you should your appliance fail out of warranty. Just wish I could speak to one of the higher Managers in Sears HQ that can do something rather then a person in a call center following a script.

  2. Home & Family After contacting customer services online I got the standard reply via e mail. They even quoted a date when my standard 1 year warranty ended funny thing is I wasn’t even in the USA before or when the warranty ran out. Also checked DOE seems they tested the chest freezer and came up with this http://energy.gov/gc/articles/doe-testing-finds-two-kenmore-brand-freezers-noncompliant had I known Sears would have had the chest freezer back on their doorstep with this article attached and myself requesting a full refund as it would have been within the 1 year warranty. Never received a notice, nothing.Back to my problem… All I have is $300 plus worth of food defrosted and now useless, not even a call back from their technicians when I made contact with Sears even though I left my phone number with them. Having done research I found out the model I have has a common breakdown usually after 1 year and before 2 years that is the compressor packs up working and to fix it(providing they can get the part) will cost including labor $450. So I’ll do the maths for you the freezer cost less then $200, works for about 1.5 to 2 years breaks down, may not be fixable due to lack of parts or will cost you a minimum of $450 if you haven’t got an extended warranty to repair. To me it seems that Sears now thinks its Appliances will last just over a year before they need to be fixed so to cover yourself as the Appliance isn’t any good buy an extended warranty. Quantity over Quality and Profits over Customers…that should be your knew slogan. Another dissatisfied customer.