1. Home & Family Does Sears seriously care about the customer and its business anymore? I had an issue with a tire purchase I recently made and got back a canned response and absolutely no satisfaction. I recently tried to spend over 2000.00 on new appliances and Sears let my business go over $35.00. Sears had an oven on sale for $719. Stainless was 719 and white 719 but they wanted 845 for black and couldnt answer why black was not a choice at that price. The associate then told me they could match prices from other places, they found 754 at anoother retailer. I told them I was buying 3 appliances and I refuse to pay more for black that I could buy stainless for. They including the store manager refused to sell to me for the $719 so I was forced to go to another business for my appliances. Sears used to be very customer oriented and thats not the case anymore. I truly fear for the retailers future.