1. Home & Family My wife and I purchased a Maytag refrigerator new from Sears on 11/17/13. We have been very happy up to this point. Overnight, the fridge and freezer stopped working. My wife is disabled and we are vegan. We just did groceries and there were $400 worth of fruits, veggies, etc that spoiled. We have a tech coming tomorrow, as they would not come today. My issue is, I am now reading that the master protection plan covered food spoilage. I was not aware of this at the time when I purchased the fridge by the associate. Had I known that I would have paid the extra money to have it. Does Sears offer food spoilage coverage as Maytag will not cover it. I have 3 small children that I had a hard time feeding because of the broken fridge. This is our 2nd fridge we have purchased from Sears. Help!

    Maytag is now just another 'brand' owned by Whirlpool.
  2. Home & Family I have a Kenmore Front Load washing machine HE3T that displays the message code 06 and the machine stops. No explanation of this code in the owners manual any suggestions.

    Your machine was built by Whirlpool and is essentially a re-badged "Duet". There is a shop manual for this series of washers, and it also applies to their Kenmore 'cousins'at: https://secured.whirlp…
  3. Home & Family I purchased the model 33114 gas water heater and had it installed by sears. there are air bubbles in the hot water almost like a carbonated drink. these disappear quickly. is that normal?

    Yes it is normal. It is exactly the same as carbonated drinks. Under pressure water can, and does absorb gases (air) when the pressure is released (opening a bottle of carbonated drink) the water ca…
  4. Home & Family I have a Refrigerator model 72132100 Purchased 11/2001. Water is leaking into the refrigerator area. Thought it was a frozen over drain from freezer and removed ice buildup. Is there another cause?

    There may also be an ice build up behind the rear wall of the freezer compartment due to insufficient tilt and/or a blocked drain. Until this has completely melted you are likely to get ever decreasin…
  5. Home & Family why won't sears.com refund my credit card

    Take up the matter with your card issuer. The major cards have limits on the time that merchants are supposed to to take between a transaction (debit or credit)taking place and the time it is posted …
  6. Home & Family What is the best starter tool set for a young lady?

    Wendy, This article may give some insight: http://realestate.msn.com/the-15-tools-every-homeowner-should-own
  7. Home & Family I have a 5 year old Kenmore 2door frig. frez works but regular refrig section is not getting cold. what can I do?

    Wendy, A suggestion if you do not mind. When asking for the model number for a 'Kenmore'appliance I find it advantageous to tell the poster that it will start with three digits followed by a period …
  8. Home & Family I have a Refrigerator model 72132100 Purchased 11/2001. Water is leaking into the refrigerator area. Thought it was a frozen over drain from freezer and removed ice buildup. Is there another cause?

    Should the full model number be 106.72132100 then the unit was manufactured by Whirlpool. I have come across a couple of these with the symptoms you describe and it was due to the unit not being tilt…
  9. Home & Family I have cancelled my order for 3 weeks, i till haven\'t received my refund yet. I called you guy to many times, and just told me to wait from 3 to 5 business days. It is look like you guys don\'t want to give my money back/

    Should it be a credit card that was billed for your order inform your card issuer of the situation for a process called a 'charge back'.
  10. Home & Family Community Suggestions from Our Members

    Wendy 1. Yes, I proposed it so I can hardly do anything else. 2. I beg to differ, it was my understanding that the poster wanted the 'Unhelpful' voting provision removed. I do not agree with that. F…
  11. Home & Family I ordered furniture from SEARS received an email, stating the order was shipped, gave me tracking nimber, billed my credit card as well as the carrier phone number and said I would receive my shipment in 7-10 days. Today is Feb 20th, in the past 2 weeks, I've emailed SEARS approx 4 times and called carrier twice beacause carrier has never received the order from SEARS? Yet SEARS tells me the order has been shipped. Did I mention that mt credit card was billed on Jan 19th, over 30 days ago now and NO one can give me a straight answer? Was on the phone just now with your Cust Care just under an hour and feel sorry for all of them beacause they don't have the necessary tools to fully take care of a situation like this or don't have the authority? So I can't wait to see what the on-line help has to say!

    Let your credit issuer know what has happened.
  12. Home & Family Community Suggestions from Our Members

    One suggestion to improve this board. Alter the software so that when a poster offers a reply to another post the system shows to whom the post was addressed
  13. Home & Family Community Suggestions from Our Members

    ServiceLocally - It could be like that. My post above that disappeared and then re-appeared 'went' as soon as I hit 'post' and a note appeared saying something like 'this message has been removed'. I …
  14. Home & Family Community Suggestions from Our Members

    Reference your third paragraph above. May I suggest that you check the thread: https://www.sears.com/community/questions/why-does-sears-not-match-prices-for-delivery-and-removal-of-appliances/ Ther…
  15. Home & Family Community Suggestions from Our Members

    My apologies, I have just notice that the second thread I referenced in my post of 1.28 this morning is a repeat of the first. It should have been: http://www.managemylife.com/mmh/questions/333235-ha…
  16. Home & Family Community Suggestions from Our Members

    BigMike A couple more on another thread, one of mine and a response from someone else have now also re-surfaced. This gets interesting.
  17. Home & Family why does Sears not match prices for delivery and removal of appliances

    It would appear that the sales associate concerned may not have been 'fast enough on his/her/ feet' to have put that, or a similar argument to the now lost client.
  18. Home & Family Community Suggestions from Our Members

    Pardon me. A post that I thought had been deleted has now 're-appeared'. Maybe things are looking up
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