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  1. Holidays & Parties What is your favorite Christmas Movie?

    A Christmas Story is still the best Christmas movie in my opinion. You're going to shoot your eye out! Classic!
  2. Holidays & Parties Holiday Cards?

    My family and I got tired of having to write all the cards out and do so much mailing. After some debate we came up with a new idea two years ago. Send out an email with a nice letter and a presentati…
  3. Saving Money Sears Family and Friends Tonight in Stores Reminder:

    I wasn't able to make it to the Family and Friends night but I'm jealous after hearing all the deals my friends got. No one can go wrong with great deals like that.
  4. Saving Money Friends and Family Event, Sunday December 2nd!

    Shopping at a Sears Family and Friends Events is the best shopping I've ever done. Why wait until Black Friday when they have those?
  5. Home & Family i need to chat with a live representative, how do i do that?

    I found you can Talk, Chat and email Sears.com through their customer service page. http://www.sears.com/cshome/nb-100000000020506
  6. Saving Money Cyber Monday!

    Today I am looking to buy a portable DVD player. Luckily there's plenty of choices with a wide range of price for me to choose from. Next item, another Blu-Ray player.
  7. Holidays & Parties Family gift ideas?

    It's all about the iPad mini. It's a great tool to use for school and entertainment for the whole family. Reading, writing and watching movies have never been more fun.