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  1. Liked this: Home & Family Why do I get automated calls telling me to call 1-800-469-4663? When I call, the computer says that there is a parts order associated with my order, but when I get the human on the phone, they know nothing? I think monkeys could do a better job. What kind of customer service is this? If you call me it should be a human who knows why they are calling. I've asked to speak to a manager and they put me on hold for 15 minutes then hang up. I call back and they put me on hold again for another 15 minutes. This time the call rolls over to the next CSR. This CSR, Louis, seems to have a brain and can tell me that my parts are on back order, but there is no estimated ship date. He also tells me that he cannot transfer me to a manager but can take my number and have one call me back. I have left my number for a manger to call me last week, during the previous round of automated calls and requests to speak to a manager and a manager never did call so why would I leave my name again?

    Hi smiles4good! Welcome to the MySears Community! We can have a SearsCares team member check on this parts order for you. Check back on the thread soon for a reply. They will be happy to help get t…
  2. Liked this: Holidays & Parties What is your favorite Christmas Movie?

    There are some great answers here! Many are bringing back fond memories from when I was a kid, along with learning about a few new ones! Keep 'em coming!
  3. Liked this: Holidays & Parties Help!!! Need a great gift idea for my bosses present!

    A watch is a good gift, or go with interests. Does your boss like coffee? Get a travel mug and some good coffee beans. Does your boss like to golf? Get a gift certificate for a round of golf. A g…
  4. Liked this: Holidays & Parties Help!!! Need a great gift idea for my bosses present!

  5. Liked this: Saving Money Sears Family and Friends Tonight in Stores Reminder:

    Those bargains (in most departments, notably excluding major appliances) continue through today. Feel free to take advantage of great savings!
  6. Liked this: Home & Family How to Calibrate Your Oven Temperature

    This is something I think is a great idea to do...I love Sears advice on how to do stuff..nice idea.
  7. Liked this: Holidays & Parties Family gift ideas?

    @2500HD - I can see why your family would have out voted you. :-) My family would usually do a family trip or big item for the house, like a TV. The gift would come from Santa. @jbaca06 - Tablets ar…
  8. Liked this: Holidays & Parties Family gift ideas?

    It's all about the iPad mini. It's a great tool to use for school and entertainment for the whole family. Reading, writing and watching movies have never been more fun.