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  1. Outdoors I have a Murray snowthrower model 1695539 that only runs in the choke position. As soon as I turn to run it stops running. Any advice? Its only run about 10 to 15 hours

    Your carb is probably gummed up. Drain the gas, go buy some new stuff, ad some sea foam and run it for a while (even with the choke on). That should clean it out.
  2. Home & Family Recommendation on a top load high efficiency washer?

    None of them! Watch the you tube videos on how they clean. The clothes don't get fully wet until the rinse cycle. Are they really getting clean? I f you want he get a front loader
  3. Home & Family Sears policy on water heaters is ****. When their product fails, you have to wait 5 days for them to come verify it, plus pay them 79.99 for them to cover your warranty. That is ****

    Once their tech decides it's leaking you have to wait another 8 to 10 days for them to replace it. So when all is said and done you are without hot water for 2 weeks. I think my family and I will be g…
  4. Home & Family Sears used to be the go to store. What happened?

    If you shop at Walmart you are part of the problem. Everything is made in China now. Start a trend, quit being cheap, and by American made.
  5. Home & Family why is my washing machine door leaking? I have a Kenmore HE2 Plus

    Because it was made in Mexico... to avoid this in the future buy American made
  6. Home & Family I made a purchase of a tablet online, what I received does not match the online description. I called sears.com for help and got nowhere with them. I either got ching chong china who cant speak any english or hung up on by the one person who could. This is a Christmas gift for my son and I am not very happy. Can someone on here help me

    Well, I sent the email out; it's been 2 days now and still no response. Now it is definately too late for Sears to fix this in time for Christmas morning. I buy most of my gifts from Sears, and spend …