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  1. Home & Family kenmore refrig the arm that turns in back of the box to dispense ice cubes will thrn when you remove the box but you put the box in and it engages the wuger it will not dispense ice cubes I noticed the this arm has threads i tried to tighten it but it will turn but not tighten is there a cluthch on this or is there a way to tighten this arm?

  2. Home & Family I have a kenmore refrig side by side it will not dispense ice cubes i pulled the ice cube box out the auger turns i then checked the arm that fits in to this box that is to turn the auger to dispense ice it turns but I then checked to see if it was tight on the shaft the shaft has threads the arm will turn but will not get tight is there some kind of clutch on this arm or is something broken?