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  1. Home & Family This is the second time Sears Store: Montgomery Mall #0001424, 7103 Democracy BLVD, Bethesda, MD 20817 (301) 469-4000 has done this: Twice I laid away a product - When I went in to pay the last payment and pick up my layaway payment, the clerk has returned to the register and told me another employee sold my layaway. I had not been late in my payments either time. This time, the store representative said another employee had been greedy,(meaning greedy for sales). That is not acceptable to me, nor do I think that action is acceptable employee actions by Sears. I was refunded my money - but that too is not acceptable. I want the product I paid for, and was guaranteed by the layaway contract. Does Sears protect Sears customers from Sears employee actions such as this?