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  1. Home & Family it is an electrolux 4 gas burner it has everthing on the top computer where you just push the little signs oven light bake broil conv bake i cant tell you any moreww as all it says uis electrolux since i cannot get into the oven or open the door I believe that is where yoiu find the serial no it is a slide in it fits into my counter their is no top back to it like most have on them we bought it specially to fit our counter

  2. Home & Family ok here goes i am so angry at sears it is unbelievable no wonder your store is failing i will never ever shop with this company again this is from buying from your store foor my lifetime and my husbands lifetime! i have purchased a 2,300 dollar stove which i had protection on had service come out to fix it whgich yes they fixed the original problem but broke my conve3ction oiven in the process needless to say i never called them back!! my new 1700 dollar fridge is fin alomng with my new dishwaser had a problem with that but warranty fixed it new washer is doing ok needless to say everything in my home is from sears however my problem is this whennb you have shown loyalty to a company like i have and my husband talked others into going to their store to buy spent thousands at thier store what has happened to this country my oven for some reason locked me out dont know why as i rarely use it but today i decided to use it (very rare ) i tried unlock doesnt work this iss the actual problem i had with it originally when they broke my convec tion part (btw) i called sears to get help with unlocking it they told me to call the repair department!!!!! so at what point do you say to he LLLLL with sears!! where is their loyalty to their customers i have over 2000 facebook friends who i think i will innform about sears lo9yalty to thier longtime customers how they treat us I guess they do not care i have paid serious cash for my hoime products service warranties on all of them except the dang stove that they broke in the first place which i refused to re-warranty as they never fixed it in the first place does anyone agree with me about why I am so mad at themn in the first place? I feel that they owe me a stove or at least a free fix of it it has rarely been used the oven part that is i've used it maybe a total of 6 times since i bought it

  3. Home & Family i have been locked out of my oven I went to cook my dinner and it says locked please help i tried the unlock on it it wont open