1. Food & Cooking I purchased a refrigerator, washer/ dryer , gas range and patio furniture from Sears in June for my new home. They were delivered Monday, November 18th. The gas range wasn;t on the truck. I called customer service only to be told that someone would contact me within 24-48 hours. I called back later that same day to be told the range would be delivered Wednesday November 20th. Well, it:s Wednesday night and no one has contacted me and my range wasn:t delivered. I called back to be told only that I would be contacted in 24 hours. I don:t believe anyone from Sears has any intention to call me. Every question I asked about why I was lied to and why my range hasn't been delivered was answered with " Someone will contact you in 24 hours" I am so very angry at Sears that I am going to return all the items I purchased, over $6000.00 worth to the store. The lack of response from cutomer service and the fact that they lied to me and no one cares enough to contact me makes me much angrier than not getting my range!! Is there anything I can do to get this resolved?