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  1. Outdoors How do I reach a person at Sears about problems with oversize delivery? On March 30 I ordered a storage shed on line. On April 2 I got an email that said it was shipped and gave a tracking number and a link to a shipping company. I followed the link many times over the next week and couldn't get any status. On April 8 I called the shipping company and they said they had no record of the order and connected me with Sears. Michael at Sears told me he would have to track the order and I would get status within 24-48 hours by email. This morning the order status on line says it's delivered. It isn't delivered and none of the customer service numbers get you to a person.

    Hi, dc22015. Welcome to the MySears Community! I'm sorry to hear you are having a hard time connecting with Sears Customer Service regarding this delivery issue. I will be happy to connect you with ou…
  2. Food & Cooking I had a sears tech come out to repair a older Kenmore oven. The readout on the control board was going out. The tech came out and said , yes the control module needs to be replaced and that he would need order one( not sure they didn't bring one).. I told the tech that I have a new oven coming from Sears and this old one will be moved to another house. I told I would install the new module myself since it will be in a remote location( i'm an engineer) tech agreed .. New part came in and didn't work at all , I've been on the phone with sears for 3 days trying to get a replacement module with no luck. just going in circles

    Hi, gea. Welcome to MySears! Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time receiving a replacement module. I would like to put you in contact with our Customer Care Team who can help you with this fur…
  3. Home & Family How do i ghet a copy of my reciept?

    Hi, jennia514. Welcome! You can view all your orders right on Sears.com. Just follow these steps to do so: • Log in to Sears.com • Click on your name on the upper right hand side of the screen…
  4. Food & Cooking How do you reset the control panel on Kenmore Elite Dishwasher 665.13793K010?

    Hi ufdaugherty, Welcome! I’ve asked our Expert Team to review your question and reach out to help. Once the Team responds here, I will email you to let you know. Thanks for taking the time to rea…
  5. Home & Family How do I file a complaint about Sears and their customer service? They do not provide all the information to the customer so they can steal money from them which is basically happening too me!

    Hi there! Thanks for reaching out. I am very sorry to hear you are still awaiting resolution. I escalated your concerns to your case manager who will be reaching out to you again shortly. Thanks ag…
  6. Saving Money Can I return my landsend purchase to sears, then rebuy it to get my employee discount?

    Hi, KMIGCH. Welcome! This would be something for your local Sears Customer Service Team to determine. You might want to give the store a call before visiting. Hope this helps!
  7. Saving Money When is the next friends and family discount?

    Hi NickNelson, Welcome! I will look into this for you and post more information asap. Thanks for reaching out!
  8. Outdoors email address for filing a complaint

    Hi, benkebm. Thanks for letting us know you have not been able to reach your case manager. I escalated your concerns to the case manager who will attempt to contact you by phone again. Thanks for r…
  9. Home & Family I am ver upset and disappointed with the poor customer service and unfair treatment I receivers while trying to purchase a washing machine on 11/4/13. I made the purchase around 10:00pm online at searsoutlet.com and received a confirmation email with Order# 11043265676 (Salescheck 093220148485) at 10:09pm explaining that the store was closed and that my order would be promptly processed the following morning when the store opens. The next morning 11/5/13 I received a second email at 10:25am confirming that my purchase of Item#: 02645853991- 5.2 cu. ft. MegaCapacity Steam FrontLoad Washer Graphite Steel was ready for pick up, with a breakdown of charges and instruction on where to come pick my washing machine up, I gotta a great deal Right, WRONG, so after renting a vehicle for 70 non-refundable dollars to go to columbus to get my washer I received a third Email stating that my oder was canceled and apologies for any inconvenience, So I called sears outlet.com customer service line and spoke to Karen who called the store where I made my purchase and put me on the phone with a manager named Steve, he explained that my washer was sold that morning and there was nothing he could do for me, but offer a $100 gift card on another purchase, and that was not acceptable, so Karen referred me to the customer relations line and I spoke to Roberta. She offered an additional 10% which still wasn't acceptable because I brought the washer for $729.00 + tax and with a $100 gift card and 10% off the cost still would have been more by hundreds of dollars over what I paid for the washer originally, so Roberta says she emailed a district manager and that district manager would call me back within 72 hours, which doesn't seem like a rush to satisfy my issue to me, but anyway it is now Saturday night 11/9/13 which makes this 4 days later, over 96 hours and still haven't received a call or an email or any other form of contact from a Sears official trying to resolve this matter. I'm very upset and very dissappointed that I could buy something from a big company like Sears and have my credit card charged for the purchase, and have my purchase sold to someone else. I see the same washer on sale still on this site and in stores, it seems easy to me for Sears to make good on my purchase, but haven't yet and I'm still waiting for someone from Sears to deliver the customer service that a long time patron of Sears should deserve!

    Thanks for sharing this experience, Drelinger. I'm sorry to hear the laptop order was cancelled.
  10. Home & Family What corporate number can I call to complain about a recent lack of delivery?

    Hi loshaz, Welcome! I am very sorry to hear you did not receive a delivery as expected. We can help you with this! Has the delivery been received or are you still waiting for the delivery? Do you have…
  11. Home & Family Sears owes me one "00939118000P". I placed my order on Black friday #600556159 and have yet to receive one part. Upon opening my item I realized there had been a mistake. I used sears.com to find no way of reporting a problem. Finally I sent an email to customer service. Then did a chat session with CS India. Fun. They assured me I would here something in 2 days. %days later nothing. Then I call customer service which I can't understand. Do you "sears" think that outsourcing is the best way to provide customer service to the U.S. ??? The mess up is easy to identify if two items combined weight equals almost a hundred pounds and I receive one item that weighs 54lbs then one item is missing. Sears con't that as order received. What? The box says 1 of 1 items. it should be 1 of 2 items. Or two of two items. My totla order weight should have been close to 100lbs not 54lbs. Customer service keeps saying the are tracking it. You can' t track an item that you didn't ship. Come on people. Elementary math. Pull up the shipping invoice. What does the weight say? what should the weight be? Ta dahhhhh! Something is not adding up. What could it be? This is unbelievable. Really? Ok so now I finally get two different Americans. Beth #251095 and Shana #402312. They promise an email in 2 more days. Wow! So my question is this... Do you really not care???

    Hi ajwaldrop, Welcome! We absolutely do care. I am very sorry to hear about this disappointing experience. I can imagine how frustrating this has been for you during the holidays. I have escalated you…
  12. Home & Family How can I get an online order issue resolved when the customer service staff are rude and unhelpful?

    Hi Cmarinar, Welcome! I am very sorry to hear about this disappointing experience. I can imagine how frustrating this has been right at Christmastime. I have escalated your feedback to our Customer Ca…
  13. Heroes at Home when are they going to start the gift card disbursement?

    Hi, Heathe. We received your information and escalated to the appropriate team. We will follow up with you when the email is redeployed. Thanks!
  14. Saving Money I made a purchase about 6 months ago on my card and it was supposed to be 0% interest. The guy who processed it through said he put the 0% interest promotion so I did not think anything of it. Today I went to go pay off my card and noticed I have been getting charged interest this whole time! I just called customer service and they put a dispute in for it and said I would receive a letter in the mail saying if the dispute was accepted, which I would hope there would be not reason for it not to be... About how long does it take to get a response back about the dispute?

    Hi JayNic18. Welcome! I would suggest calling the customer service line you called previously to create a claim and ask how long the dispute should take. This team would have the most reliable informa…
  15. Home & Family I need some assistance please. I purchased a Sealy Posturpedic Franchesca queen mattress last year. I have tried and tried to make it work, but it is the most awful mattress. It was rated as firm, which I need, and my partner and I sink when we lie on it. A mattress under a year old should NOT perform this way. And I know the problem - the person who gets sent out measures for a 1.5" sag in the bed WITHOUT even being willing to sit or lie on it! What good does this do if the problem isn't that visible when no one is ON the bed? I am so upset about how terribly uncomfortable this is and we wake up 6 or 8 times every night in pain. Will Sears stand behind it's products? Please advise. Thank you.

    Hi Foothills7. Welcome! I am very sorry to hear you are unhappy with your mattress purchase. I've escalated your concerns to our Customer Care Team. Once the Team responds to your here, I will reach o…
  16. Home & Family Who do I need to talk to about rescheduling my home delivery?

    Hi JosephKeene, welcome! I am very sorry to hear about this disappointing experience. I escalated your concerns to our Customer Care Team who can help you address these concerns further. Once the Team…
  17. Outdoors Craftsman Limited Edition flat black top chest out of stock where can i find one? or will it be restocked?

    Hi, Buddyxp. Welcome! We will look into this for you. Can you please let me know which Sears store (address, city, state) you generally shop? Thanks!
  18. Home & Family Why can't Sears ever show up for an appointment? They have made appointments twice and not shown!!!!

    Hi, bakatare. Welcome to the MySears Community! I am very sorry to hear your service technician did not arrive as expected for your service call. I would like to put you in contact with our Customer C…
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