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  1. Outdoors how can I get my bike assembled

    Hi sentry-914. Welcome to the MySears Community! Please contact your local Sears for help with assembly! Merry Christmas!
  2. Saving Money Who is considered "Friends and Familiy"? I have searched and googled and cannot find an answer. I made a purchase online during the F & F event and was expecting no the extra 10% since I am a member of Shop Your Rewards program, but apparently, that doesn't count. Are F & Fs folks with the Sears credit card and not a Visa?

    Hi, Rosewall. Welcome to the MySears Community! Correct, the %10 in points offer is for Sears Card Holders. Please

    Home & Family Sears Corporate Office,I purchased a stackable Kenmore washer and dryer from Sears on November 28, 2013 from the Dulles Virginia location, extremely happy with the products and the price. I am writing because this has been one of the worst customer service experiences I ever experienced. After I purchased the items on November 28, 2013 I was given a delivery date of December 1, 2013 between 8:30 am to 10:30 am. When the installers showed up to my house at 830 am they informed me that the sales associate that sold me the units orders the wrong stacking kits. Therefore the washer and dryer where delivered but not installed and the old unit was hauled away. I went to Sears and spoke to the Store Manager Asad Azad, he called the Sears delivery department and I received a delivery for December 2, 2013 between 8:30 am to 10:30 am. I then had to take out from work due to the negligence of this associate to get these units installed. The installers arrived 8:35 am and installed the stacking kit and placed the units in my washroom closet. Upon washing and drying my first load of clothes, I realized the stackable units where not stable and the dryer vent hose was lying behind the units, obviously not properly connected. For the third time I had to go back to Sears and reschedule another install. The install was set for December 7, 2013 between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm, the installers showed up at 6:30 pm. Due to this failure in the installation process, I don’t understand why this delivery wasn’t a priority for Sear and their delivery service. Due to this experience with Sears, I will probably never shop here again.

    Hi NeverShopatSears1. Welcome to the MySears Community! I am so sorry to hear about this disappointing customer service experience. I would like to put you in contact with our Customer Care Team to he…
  3. Home & Family Where is your Merchandise Pick Up area or Kiosk located? I ordered something on-line and it says to locate the Kiosk. I bought a Craftsman Wet/Dry Vac...so do I pick it up in that area where it is normally sold?

    Hi, Ktsu3348. Welcome to the MySears Community! I would recommend giving your local Sears a call to ask where the kiosk/merchandise pick up area is located at your specific store as each store layout …
  4. Home & Family Who can i talk to about shoddy work in the auto dept.Really tired of the run around.

    Thanks for sharing this additional info! We escalated your feedback to your case manager.
  5. Saving Money Cyber Monday is today! Are you going to be shopping today?

    I am planning to do some shopping this afternoon. Stocking stuffers, PJs, and undergarments everyone needs are on my list this year. Our dog has eaten a number of my husband's socks so I will be looki…
  6. Outdoors I bought a toolset from sears via their website for a significantly lower sale price. Sears charged my card and shipped the toolset to me. After 2 days, sears sends me an email and says sorry the price you purchased this for was a mistake, we cancelled your order, and returned the packages back to us.

    Hi, Billm914. Welcome to the MySears Community. I am very sorry to hear about this pricing error and that your order was cancelled. I can imagine how frustrating this must have been for you. I would l…

    Hi juditrou. Welcome to the MySears Community! I am very sorry to hear your order was cancelled. I would like to put you in contact with our Customer Care Team as well for additional support with this…
  8. Holidays & Parties Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    Hi, Wendy. Happy Thanksgiving! I am very grateful for my family, friends, supportive team at work and the many comforts of my home. I am thankful for food on the table and warm clothes to wear. I am t…
  9. Food & Cooking Favorite cold weather food?

    We have been making a lot of chili and soups as well! I have also noticed my hot tea consumption has picked up since the cool weather arrived in my area. I've also been trying some new crock pot recip…
  10. Home & Family I entered into a contract with the Home Improvement area to purchase and install laminate flooring in my home. It turned into a total nightmare for me. The salesman who came into my home didn't know anything about laminate flooring and told me things that later were shown to be untrue. He told me that the laminate flooring that I chose would lock into the existing laminate that I had, and that the installers would not have an issue with making it work. He promised me an installation date that could not be met, and as a result I had to postpone my move date into my new home. You see, this was a new home for me, and I had an experience with water damage where the existing laminate flooring was ruined in my family room and kitchen. Also a portion of the living room was also ruined, and it was necessary to match the laminate in the living room that was remaining. The project manager and the sales people totally screwed up the ordering of my flooring and when it was finally delivered to my home almost 6 weeks later, it was NOT what I had ordered. By this time I had cancelled my move 3 times. I thought I was getting the hard laminate and what they ordered was vinyl laminate. I allowed them to lay it in the family room, because I HAD TO MOVE! They were going to order the hard laminate for the portion of the living room that needed to be laid, but when they ordered that, they ordered the wrong color. So not once but twice they screwed this up. My experience has been a nightmare, and I am sitting here with a patchwork mess - by the way, the hard laminate was not laid. The installer took me to Home Depot and we picked out something close to what was already laid on my living room floor, and it is what is now laying in my living room. It is not satisfactory either. So your company screwed me royally and today I get a bill for a considerable amount of money and I am so angry everytime I look at my floor that I feel that I should not have to pay for this mess that you all created for me.

    Hi, Freyjal. Thanks for reaching out in the MySears Community! I am so sorry to hear about this extremely frustrating flooring purchase and install you have been dealing with. I can imagine how frustr…
  11. Home & Family dishwasher will not start

    Hi, doot48. Welcome to MySears! I am sorry to hear your dishwasher will not start. Can you please reply with the make and model of your dishwasher so one of our Experts can assist you with this issue?…
  12. Home & Family WHEN WILL SOMEONE ANYONE RESPOND TO ME???? SEE COPIED thread. i provided sears with my contact information 5 days ago will someone please respond. Who can I actually talk to to voice my concerns and poor customer service experience with? I want someone who will actually take action and look into the broken process. I spent more than two hours on the phone with sears today, spoke with 9 customer service reps, was dropped twice, put on hold for 45 minutes and was told different information as to what warranty I was eligible for and what was covered. Feeling so discouraged that I don’t believe I will ever purchase a major appliance through Sears again. If only you guys could have made this right. We currently own a refridgerator, stove, microwave, dish washer, washer, dryer, tractor, and other electronics all purchased at sears. I believe I am going to start purchasing all future appliances and electronics through locally owned businesses. The more I write this the more I feel my frustration with sears. I believe you have lost us as one of your loyal and faithful customers. Please provide a name and telephone number of who I can speak to. Share Facebook Twitter ShopYourWay PostShopYourWay Email Leave an answer ▼ Answers 2 answers Sears Cares SHC-DianneD Round rock, TX November 5, 201312:23pm Hello Helpfrustrated, We thank you for informing us about this matter. We would be happy to connect you with one of our case managers to assist you with your customer service concerns. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Helpfrustrated), phone # used at time of purchase to smadvisor@searshc.com. Thank you, Dianne D. Social Media Moderator Social Media Support Team (0) Reply Comm Mgr SHC-JulieK Hoffman est, IL November 5, 201312:06pm Welcome, Helpfrustrated! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts on your experience with customer service. I have passed this along to SearsCares, the customer service escalation team. They are a fantastic resource to hear the issues you are having and will do what they can to assist. A team member will be by shortly reaching out to help. Once a response is posted, I will let you know via email with a link back to this thread. Thanks! (0) Reply mf

    Hi, helpfrustrated. Thanks for reaching out! I've contacted your case manager. She will be reaching out to you again shortly. Feel free to reach out with any additional questions or concerns!
  13. Home & Family How can I get my delivery resolved?

    Hi, maryaliceturtles. Welcome to the MySears Community! I am so sorry to hear you are having issues with a delivery. I am going to send your question along to SearsCares, the customer service escalat…
  14. Saving Money Where is my refund check???

    Hi, RPerez2003. Welcome to MySears! I am very sorry to hear you are still waiting for a refund. I would like to put you in contact with our Sears Cares Team to help you address this further. Once the …
  15. Home & Family How can I get someone from your call center to actually help me?

    Hi, mikewyman1. Welcome to the MySears Community. I am so sorry to hear about this disappointing customer service experience with our call center. I would like to put you in contact with our SearsCare…
  16. Home & Family kenmore dishwasher elite soap left in soap dispenser things to be cleaned not cleaned help thankyou ricky

    Hi, richmondhillqueens. Thanks for reaching out! Can you please share a bit more about the issue you are having with your dishwasher? Are you seeing soap residue remaining in the soap dispenser after …
  17. Home & Family How do I get my dryer repaired?

    Hi, kitlaw. Welcome to the MySears Community! Please call 1-800-469-4663 for help with scheduling a repair appointment. Hope this helps. Thanks for reaching out!
  18. Home & Family I just order two love seats, will the delivery people take my old ones

    Hi, wa_123. Welcome to the MySears Community! No, the Delivery Team will not remove your existing furniture. Delivery is made to the main door of the building, not to a unit or suite. If you selected …
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