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  1. Liked this: Home & Family What Summer movie are you looking forward to seeing?

    Oh... definitely want to see those. Also hoping to go see Superman and Monsters U this weekend!
  2. Liked this: Home & Family What Summer movie are you looking forward to seeing?

    I want to see, "The Heat" with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy that comes out this weekend! Looks really funny!
  3. Liked this: Home & Family Suggestions for a food scale?

  4. Liked this: Home & Family Have you ever tried a Soda Stream Sodamaker?

    @BlueCrew-So interesting about the Soda Stream in the fridge! Really great idea. @Laurel-I think they would love it. It would be a fun treat and I think we would use it often for daily soda water…
  5. Liked this: Home & Family Have you ever tried a Soda Stream Sodamaker?

    There's now a Samsung French door refrigerator that dispenses carbonated water using a Soda Stream CO2 canister. Check out 04680813000 on sears.com and see the newest offering from Samsung's innovativ…
  6. Liked this: Holidays & Parties Gift ideas for a outdoorsy bride & groom?

    Maybe a gift card to REI? Or, to their local garden center? Or, a tractor? :)
  7. Liked this: Holidays & Parties Gift ideas for a outdoorsy bride & groom?

    We had a couple who were hunters so basically her dress was the camouflaged and her groom wore cameo pants and tie. Very cute wedding, but we too had issues with what to give for a gift for everything…
  8. Liked this: Outdoors Does anyone own a big green egg or similar smoker?

    you will get what you pay for. The Big Green Egg is the best and easiest to control.
  9. Liked this: Home & Family I can't believe Sears sells...

    Here's the one that blew my mind: Sears Vacation Layaway 8 days, seven nights in a quality resort for only 499.00, tax included?! Hundreds of locations to choose from. If you use the layaway option…
  10. Liked this: Outdoors Favorite riding mower?

    I can't say my experience with my SEARS VT300 model lawn mower/tractor has been a good one. I purchased 26 months ago and have had a repair technician out twice (separate issues) and now dealing with …
  11. Liked this: Home & Family I have a G.E. side by side refrigerator freezer with water and ice dispenser. The water stopped dispensing a few days ago, everything else is working fine--Model #AL 251244--what can I do? The motherboard was replaced two yrs ago for a similar problem

    Bill, I finally figurd out hou to disconnect the water hose. The water lever on ther door was pushed and water shot out from hose(I had a pot to catch water,Ha! Ha!)Smile...I than reconnected the hose…
  12. Liked this: Home & Family can I printout a copy of a recipt?

    If you used your Shop Your Way rewards account, yes. A copy of your receipt is emailed at the time of purchase to the email on file.
  13. Liked this: Home & Family my ice maker stopped working on my Kenmore model 106 side by side refrigerator. The red light blinks twice stops then repeats. Suggestions?

    The description for the light blinking indicates the optic boards are working properly. Sometimes the fill tube, which is the black tube in the ceiling gets frozen and prevents water flow to the icema…
  14. Liked this: Home & Family What can I do to get my shipping $$ back? Seller says I ordered wrong item. I didnt!!

    Hi scon67! I am so sorry to hear you had trouble with your order. Check back on this thread soon. A SearsCares team member will reply-they should be able to help!
  15. Liked this: Saving Money Can Sears gift cards be used in the UK? Is there any Sear stores in the

    Hi super-nana! Thanks for all of your questions! Sears gift cards can not be used for international orders. There are no stores in the UK. Sears has a fantastic