1. Home & Family NEVER NEVER BUY FROM SEARS they will scam you, i bought a refrig 6 months ago, after 6 scheduked appointment in 3 weeks or so weeks (they only come to my area every tuesday and thursday) which i should be told that that when you buy a 5 year extended warranty, on time NO ONE showed or called, and after 3 weeks unabled to fix the issues 3 times they DID NOTHING to the refrig, i was told that no longer be able to be fixed (refrig was 3 months old), i asked about a replacement and i would be charged extra to have the same size and asseccories as the other one because they have no more of my model, and that they were only doing this because they were nice because a built in ICE maker in a refrig is an asseccory and dont need to fix it because the refrig works fine, it was producing 6 to 10 ice cubes every 5 to 6 hours, i was lied to belittled, and hung up on because they refused to answer my questions and phone calls they said 8 days in a row that some one at the BLUE RIBBON team would call, they also, lied, and told me numerous times when i ask for a superviser i was informed either we DONT have any (which if thats true sign me up) or they ALL leave everyday at 6 1 hour before everyone else sounds fishy, i also was given a time of 8 to 5 when service man was showing up when asked if they could tell me am or pm so i didnt waste a whole day of vacation or pay someone to be there all day they wouldn't do so, the 1 time they did give me a time, 8 0r 9 am i was first on the schedule they showed up at 430 pm no one called i called and spent 3 hours being passed around like a cheep *****, i got disconnected and when i called back i gave up after a hour of the same bs,after a corporate Sears store stepped in to help, i bought this from a hometown store, and the Blue ribbon team told the warranty are different, that i dont have a manufacturer's warranty because the home town stores are different, i been told so much **** buy this team i know when they lie and thats when they open there mouths, i lost ALL respect to the so call Blue Ribbon lying machine or team they call themselves, after all the bs they did delivered the refrig, thanks to the Sears in Lincoln who treated me real good, but took 2 weeks to get hear, they hooked it up and left, freezer worked good, refrig was turned on at 9am and at 6pm it was 80 degrees and i lost almost everything i was told to go out buy coolers and ice what i could save and i would be reimbursed which the Blue Ribbon team told me this and that they would give me Emergency service to fix it, the next day i didnt receive a call by noon so i called and they said it would be atleast a week before i could get someone there to LOOK at it, doesnt mean it would be fixed, but possible be fixed, i ask over and over if they could get there sooner, im disabled vet with 4 kids at home and that is horrible to live out of coolers, after 2 days of dealing with your Blue Ribbon team doing nothing but lies and false hope, i talked to the store owner and he and i agreed to refund my money, which i hated for him but too much is to much, the at 5 oclock i was called 2 days later i was tol after the refund that they could get a service persn there the next day, yes i ask for the service man that lives in my area which i no to come look at it real fast (i was told by the Corp Sears, hometown store and a repairman who i no that it would have taken at best 30 minutes (or atleast what they thought which all made sense what they were telling me) but it was told buy the Blue Ribbon Team that they were not allowed to do so because they are Union and that they cant (my *** thats a total lie because i called the union that they are part of them and ask)All i got was lies, and more lies, after i was told that my ice and coolers and some of my food would be replaced they said no i cant because i had my money refunded because SEARS didnt do there job not once, twice, but 10 to 12 times, i after everything im out over $1300 money, 59 hours of my time, 400 plus miles to corp Sears to look at refrigs because they were helping and needed to pick one out and bring my receipts,and after many times of trying to get answers and promised me call backs never happens