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  1. Home & Family I ordered furniture from SEARS received an email, stating the order was shipped, gave me tracking nimber, billed my credit card as well as the carrier phone number and said I would receive my shipment in 7-10 days. Today is Feb 20th, in the past 2 weeks, I've emailed SEARS approx 4 times and called carrier twice beacause carrier has never received the order from SEARS? Yet SEARS tells me the order has been shipped. Did I mention that mt credit card was billed on Jan 19th, over 30 days ago now and NO one can give me a straight answer? Was on the phone just now with your Cust Care just under an hour and feel sorry for all of them beacause they don't have the necessary tools to fully take care of a situation like this or don't have the authority? So I can't wait to see what the on-line help has to say!