1. Home & Family I have been having a lot of problems with my washing machine and it is only 7 months old. The first repair man that came out said nothing was wrong despite the fact that we have to unplug the washing machine between loads. The second repair man never showed up and I did not even recieve a courtesy call saying I had to reschedule. I have wanted my washing machine fixed since the end of July and nobody in customer service wanted to help me. How do I know that the repair man will show up during my next scheduled appointment? Why I am I having to babysit my washing machine for another weekend because the repair man did not show up? I already had a bad experience with sears delivery and now service does sears really not want my business? My whole house is kenmore appliances and I am slowly replacing but I think its time I tried a different company if everytime I need help sears is not willing to help. NObody even cared that your website says first-time results guarenteed and I did not get that.

  2. Home & Family Why is my delivering postponed so much?