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  1. Home & Family I am beyond words on how ignorant the Sears Customer Solutions handles its customers. I have had to exchange 2 mattresses in the last 2 1/2 yrs. After getting approval this time around I had to travel 30 miles to a Sears store to look at new mattresses. After picking one of the little selection in my price range I called to order it, only to sit on the phone for 4 phone calls all transferred to the wrong dept, then when I do get through to the right dept a 53 minute phone call that I got disconnected from after placing the order and holding for a supervisor. The mattress was $120 less, not my fault, no selection. I called back the next day and I was told the 1st order was never placed, I would have to place it again. Did that, another 30 minutes later then put on hold to speak to a supervisor who could have cared less about the situation, but he did find that I had 2 orders being delivered, so that 1st order was placed, but I was told it was not. I seriously doubt I will be making any purchases from Sears again. What happened to