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  1. Outdoors How to Plan a Cross-Country Skiing Outing

    Hey Hey Tradesman, Good to see you feeling better! The ap would be useful as a GPS if you skiied off a trail but no keg of brandy. And thats just a little photoshop blowing up the "6" hp Merc in the p…
  2. Outdoors How to Plan a Cross-Country Skiing Outing

    A fully charged cell phone is a good idea and if you bring a smartphone there's an ap called SkiTracks that can map your route, measure time, distance and altitude.
  3. Health & Fitness Plan a Ski Trip

    Corecoders.com offers a smartphone ap called SkiTracks that tallies speed, vertical descent and maps your runs for either downhill or xcountry. It's a good thing.
  4. Home & Family The Best Tips from Dads to Grads

    Still have the Bernzomatic socket set my Dad gave me too.
  5. Outdoors Tune Up Your Lawn Mower

    Change the oil before filling the gas tank or the fuel will leak when the mower is tipped. "Change the oil and add gas".