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  1. Saving Money I am getting really frustrated and fed up with Sears bill paying policy. I deal EVERYWHERE with a debit card. At Sears, a debit card is not accepted for "in store" payments of a sears credit card although it can be used for purchases. This I find rediculous and troubling. The crazy thing is that I CAN pay this bill with my debit card at any K-MART store??????? ****, even my paper boy swipes my debit card with a gadget on his cell phone??? I don't keep any cash in excess of $50.00 on my person or in the house. I am 63 years old and a victim of crime 3 times. I will not put my debit card #s on the internet, I will not write checks & lick stamps. I deal with a debit card for everything, the world runs on debit cards. WalMart, the largest company in the history of the planet, - did you ever look at how they deal with this, they bend over backwards to get you to make a purchase & once you comit to that transaction, they will take any legal for of payment you offer, that's the way it's done. Being a buisnessman for 37 years, selling out to retire in 2012, the most important thing I learned is "TAKE THE MONEY" be set up to take any and all forms of payment you can think of and make it easy, convenient and stress free for the customer. I have been having problems at Sears stores in recent years. About 16-18 months ago, I went to your West Mifflin store to arrange for appliances for my sons apartment building. I needed 7 each of refrigerators - ranges & built in dishwashers. The salesman said "I'll be right back", I never saw him again so I went to Lowes Home Improvement at the Waterfront who jumped all over it. Then in March I saw a reconditioned Lawn tractor at the same West Mifflin store for 1.200.00 I think. Went back the following Sunday & was told they were locked up in package pick up and I would need to come back on Monday, went to the same Lowes again & bought a beaut. I'll say this again "TAKE THE MONEY". I will most likely be closing my accounts (2) with Sears in August or September because you make it hard and inconvenient to give you THE MONEY. At my age, I am all about convenience

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