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I first started at Sears as a Lawn and Garden technician when I was in high school. I have been with the company for 18 years. The first 15 years I was an in-home service technician. I am trained to repair everything we sell except for home electronics. The last three years I have been in the product knowledge group helping in-home technicians and customers diagnose and repair products. I enjoy helping others repair their products because I know how good it feels to repair something yourself. Professional degrees & certifications: I have multiple certificates of completion in appliance repair, small engines, mechanical repair, and electrical circuit diagnostics. In 2002 I became certified in refrigeration handling. I also attend all factory update training Sears offers.

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  1. Outdoors Can anyone tell me possible reasons for blowing 30 amp fuses on my Craftsman garden tractor?

    Harley05, I am sorry you are having a problem with the tractor. If the fuse is blowing, there is an electrical problem on the tractor. First question is when does the fuse blow? If the tractor will…
  2. Health & Fitness My treadmill makes noises like wooden rollers clanging together. Why?

    Thank you for posting the model number. If the unit is making noise, I recommend tightening each rear roller bolt one-quarter turn and check the operation. If the belt is not quit tight enough it coul…
  3. Home & Family Ice Maker won't stop making ice

    I am sorry you are having a problem with the icemaker. Without a model number, I can only give you general information. I recommend checking the icemaker on/off switch first. Some models have an on/of…
  4. Outdoors Took my tiller in for repair. Running fine, but handlebars were broken. Now, won't run off choke. Note that technician "cleaned carb bowl and jet" as part of free general service, and assume that something is not right with carb. Not looking forward to being without tiller for another month. Suggestion?

    I am sorry to hear you are having problems with the tiller engine. If the engine will not run with the choke off, I suspect the problem is in the carburetor. If you already had it serviced, you can ta…
  5. Home & Family The control panel on freezer is malfunctioning

    I am sorry you are having a problem with the freezer control panel. I will be happy to assist you with this problem. If the freezer seems to be cooling fine but the control is blank it could just be t…
  6. Outdoors How much torque to put on the head bolts on a high wheel weed trimmer?

    Hi skyesweet, Thank you for posting the model number. The engine that should be on the trimmer should be model 143985012. If that is the correct model number, the head bolts should be torqued to 220…
  7. Outdoors My lawn tractor (917289280) starts and rides well but when engaged it stalls and stops. Does anyone have an idea?

    edwin1857 I am sorry you are having this problem. If the engine keeps running when you release the clutch, I suspect the seat switch is working fine. If the engine only stalls when you engage the bla…
  8. Home & Family kenmore dryer model number 10067087600 came up with the code f by it's self no number next to it. please help thank you

    ss1122, I am sorry you are having a problem with the dryer. When the dryer has a failure it will flash an F then flash a number. If yours is not flashing a number, I recommend turning the power off…
  9. Outdoors i have a 2001 crafstman lawn tractor 17 hp kohler. installed new battery ran for aprox.10 minutes then shut off now it is dead! I have power to the solenoid on the left side, is there a fuse somewhere im missing? No lights no clicking nothing!! got me stumped. it no longer has the seat sensor!

    Thank you for your question. #First make sure the Gear shift on the tractor is in neutral position and blade engagement lever or switch is in the off position. #Make sure the brake pedal is push…
  10. Outdoors New push mower hard to start when hot.

    I am sorry I did not see that you added the model number below. I looked up the model number and found that the high altitude jet is part number 798661. The jet can be ordered from www.searspartsdirec…
  11. Outdoors Lawn tractor won't start. Replaced the old solenoid. When I try to start the tractor the solenoid emits a sound. Help !

    Aspbury I am sorry you are having with the tractor. If the solenoid will make a noise when you turn the key the wiring to activate the solenoid seems to be working. I would try to turn the flywheel…
  12. Outdoors New push mower hard to start when hot.

    fltrsei I am sorry you are having with the mower. I suspect the engine on your mower start better is you had a high altitude kit installed. The kit has a smaller main jet. If you could reply below …
  13. Outdoors I have a 24hp rider when I turn the key to start it, the engine does not turn over-just a whining sound that is not very loud. Thank you for any and all help.

    o Marley123123, I am sorry you are having a problem with the tractor. Based on the symptoms you are having I recommend trying to turn the flywheel by hand in either direction. This will ensure the en…
  14. Home & Family I have an older Sears Band Saw. The date code is P0081. The Model is 113.243.440. My blade tracks fine. However, it keeps throwing the tires off the wheels. It will track fine. Even after the wheels come off the blade is still in the center. Any suggestions?

    Patric6680, I am sorry you are having a problem with the band saw. If the tires keep coming off, I suspect the tires are old and stretched. When this happens, the tires do not fit as tight as they …
  15. Outdoors I have a Craftsman Weed Wacker 26.2 cc/17" wide cut. Model # 358-796130, Serial No. B3480159. How do I change the fuel lines?

     TKV I will be happy to assist you. If the fuel lines were already broken and you cannot tell were they went I will try to explain the correct routing. The supply line in the fuel tank has the fue…
  16. Outdoors YT 4000 tires

    Thank you for your question. The manufacture recommends that you use a liquid tire sealer. The tire sealer works great on tread punctures. You can purchase the sealer from your local Sears store. If y…
  17. Home & Family Hi! We just purchased and put together a liquid propane gas grill. When we put the battery in (it goes under the ignition button), the ignition trigger started clicking continuously, even with the burners on

    I am sorry you are having a problem with the grill. If the igniter is sparking all the time, I recommend checking the wire that go to the igniter. If one of them is connected wrong or the insulation i…
  18. Outdoors I have a Craftsman Nextec 12V 2-in-1 Pole Pruner 74430. I need the complete model number from the label, as mine is missing.

    Thank you for your question. The full model number for this pruner is 320 74430. Please let me know if you need further assistance. Mark
  19. Outdoors 247.38908 Mower Won't Start

    I am sorry you are having a problem with the mower. If the Intake valve is hanging open I suspect the stem may be rusty. If the valve was open, when you put it away and was stored in a humid environme…
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