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  1. Home & Family Well, you were correct about the lid switch being bad. Being plastic it had eventually separated. So I bought the part, put it in (took me quite a while because of the ordeal with the back panel) and sure enough, it worked. That is, until about halfway through a load when it died again, same deal as last time. It's not the outlet or breaker, both are fine. Could the new lid switch just have up and died on me? I assume I installed it correctly, not much to it, and it worked for 10 minutes or so.

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  2. Home & Family Similar to the question below: is there a re-set button on a Kenmore washer? I did two loads, went to do a third, set the dial, pulled it out and...nothing. The outlet works fine, so it's not the circuit breaker. It just stopped working (after the water had already filled up). I took the wet laundry out, bailed the water, but it still won't work. It's a 2005. Fixable? Do it yourself or call out help?

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  3. Outdoors I have a rechargeble Craftsman mower, 19 inch, model number 247.370480. The first one I bought would not hold a charge, kept taking it back in, they sent it away three times, after the third time they ended up just giving me a new one. This one has been better, but it wasn't long before it's advertised charge time of 45 minutes kept dropping and dropping, to about 10. I really regret buying this now. And now the charge won't last a minute. I assume it needs a new battery. Except I can't just buy a battery and replace it myself, since it takes special tools to take the top off. So I guess they will have to send it to Dallas to replace the batter (I live in Austin). What will that cost? My guess is more than a cheap gas lawn mower that would last 20 years or more. I know that these Sears' products are just rebadged Blackand Deckers, but they were very poorly designed and should never have been sold to the public.

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