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  1. Home & Family Sears clearly doesn't care. I've had 4 deliveries from Sears Outlet of high end appliances that were not useable for reasons varying from arriving in pieces to being cracked on installation. I have made over 15 emails and the same amount of phone calls and I have been home on 6 separate occasions to wait for delivery/ pick up/ install/ re-install/ dismantle by Sears. I still have no appliances and having waisted months on installation/ delivery/ pick up/ refunds of much anticipated appliances which were in perfect condition before leaving the store, I am beyond upset. So what should I do? Give Sears another shot or try another merchant? Sears offered me 15% off one item as compensation for all the problems they caused!! I don't think Sears Cares at all!

  2. Home & Family Why does everything I order with Sears Outlet arrive damaged and unsafe?