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  1. Home & Family I paid for an air hockey table on 12/22/12 and didn't take it home because it wouldn't fit in my car. I was told that I had two weeks to pick it up, however, when I returned on 12/24/12 to pick it up I was told that it had been sold. Upon speaking with the store manager he told me that he had other hockey tables but couldn't offer me one because they were more expensive than what I had purchased. My options were to have him call around to see if another store had one that could be delivered to me same day or order it for delivery after Christmas and he offered me a gift card which I declined because I won't be doing business with Sears anymore. Later in the afternoon I received a call offering a ping pong or fooseball table at a "nice price" because he couldn't find an air hockey table in the area. I also declined this offer because I needed an air hockey table not ping pong or fooseball and I wasn't paying extra for a mistake made by Sears. After calling and emailing the corporate office, I received a run around response telling me to continue working with the store manager to resolve this issue. This issue cannot be resolved because I don't have an air hockey table for Christmas. I held off on having my money refunded because I wanted to see if corporate could help in rectifying the situation but it's apparent that they won't and no one wants to take the blame. I will be at Sears when they open on 12/26/12 to get my money back. Is this standard practice for your stores?