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  1. Home & Family My Craftsman garage door opener will raise the door but will not close. The first time this happened it was below zero temps, reversed almost immediately. No blockage of the sensors. Manually closed the door, and the drive would work fine with the door not attached. Had trouble reattching the door for the next 3-4 days, the chain would just move along without grabbing the door to open or close it. After an increae in temps, it caught/locked and worked fine for about a week. Now wont close again, goes down about a foot before reversing now. I notice though that there is no flashing of the bulb, as it would if the sensors were blocked. Just remains steady. Temps have dropped again but not to below zero, and probably to about where they were when it started working again from the first time. I cannot say if the light blinked during the first episode or not.