1. Outdoors Ok, so now I'm just down right pissed off! I purchased a new battery for my earthwise lawn mower. It cost $130, was to have been received by July 3rd, then by July 10th. I called on July 13 to track my order. After talking with 3 different people, I was promised a call back within 24 hours, It is now July 22 and I have not heard back from anyone. You have my $130 and I need my battery NOW! You have my PHONE # and I expect a call today! or merchandise today this is ridiculous, for another $100 I could buy another lawnmower, but bet I surely do not plan to use SEARS again. Last year I ordered a new blade for the same lawn mower, ordered two, rec'd one, was to be re-imbursed, never was......maybe you just like stealing from your customers!