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  1. Home & Family My washer broke and I was able to purchase a service smart protection agreement for 239.61 on 1/12/2013. I thought it was a great deal because that service agreement basically covers the repair and if the washer could not be repaired, I would get a 500.00 voucher to apply to the purchase of a new washer at sears. That was my first mistake!! I was called and got an appt for 2/21/2013. The tech came and determined that I needed a new motor and proceeded to order the part. We then made an appt for 1/29/2013. The day before my appt, I received a call from sears telling me I needed to reschedule because the appt was canceled. What? I didn\'t cancel it??? So I called sears and rescheduled the appt and the first available date was 2/8/2013. The tech came and installed the new motor that was mailed to me and the washer still didn\'t work. He determined that it now was the control board and needed to order that part and we had to reschedule again! The appt was scheduled for 2/9/2013. Tech arrived, put in the new control board and, yup!, washer still not working. He discovered that the new motor that was installed was not the right one! He had to reorder the right motor. I am upset by this time. The appt was reschedule but not confirmed by me so I didnt even know what was going on by now. So I called customer service to explain all that had happned and how I didnt even know when the appt was set and how frustrated I was with the whole process. The agent apologized and let me know that the service call was scheduled for 2/15/2013. Of course that day didn\'t work so I knew I would need to call in again and rescedule. The agent proceeded to tell me that she would send me a 100.00 gift card to sears for all the inconvenience. I rescheduled the appt for 2/16/2013. The tech came I had the second motor that was delivered and as luck has it...the washer still didnt work. I at that point had enough! I said I want my 500.00 voucher because this was ridiculous. The tech called in and had that approved but told me that it would not be processed till next week sometime. Now I am furious. After the tech left I called customer care and got an agent who also said they could not do anything for me. I requested to talk to a manager and the agent proceeded to tell me that the manager was going to tell me the same thing. I demanded to talk to the manager anyway. The manager got on the phone and listened to my complaint and was able to processes the 500.00 voucher so i could use it that day to buy a new washer. I let her know that I was issued a 100.00 gift cert that I haven\'t received yet, to see if it could be applied to the 500.00 to make it 600.00. Since I knew the washer was going to cost more than 500.00. She was not able to do that for me but gave me a number to call to have them do it. I proceeded to call that number and to make a long story short, they did not have record that a gift card was awarded to me they then added that there was nothing they could do for my frustration, time missed from work, laundromat expenses, not to mention it is the middle of winter, and my inconvenience. I do not ever want to shop at sears again!!!! I will use the voucher since I paid for the warrenty and that is the last time you will ever get my business. I will be sure to tell as many people as I can about what a horrible experience I\'ve had.