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  1. Home & Family Where do I find the fine print regarding a promotional purchase. I will admit that I have failed to pay close attention to my bill, I log in and pay a few hundred dollars and write down my confirmation number. Unfortunately I failed to notice that a portion of my monthly payment has NOT been applied to a promotional (no interest) purchase from last June. I can not find any settings that tell the CC co. to apply my payment.(unlike Lowe's great site, ie- where you can apply min payment to outstanding balance and the remainder to a promo payoff!) NOW, I have a $1,000 promo payoff due in June. The worst part is that I took my ring back to Sears on Sunday for repair because a stone fell out and now I find out that I have not paid one penny towards the purchase, and will probably be without my wedding ring for weeks!!!! I sent an email regarding this question, and the answer was they would send me a letter in 7m

  2. Home & Family After reaching Gold status on my rewards account, I'm wondering if I start over for the new year, and work my way back up the ladder? Do I send my gold card back????? LOL

  3. Saving Money I noticed that I can get an oil change anad tire rotation for $4.99 since I am a gold member. Do I just show up and they will know by scanning my card? It says "2 a year", since it's almost the end of the year, may I take both my cars?