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  1. Home & Family I am not an angry person. I'm very tolerant of others and accept the fact that sometimes mistakes are made. However, my recent experience with Sears has been so egregious that I felt compelled to tell you about it. In February I purchased a "Kenmore Elite" washer/dryer from my local Sears store in Las Cruces, New Mexico. When they were delivered, the deliveryman told me they were not asked to install them, nor did they have the installation kit necessary to do so. I refused delivery, purchased the installation kit (the store salesman had never told me I needed one), and rescheduled delivery for a week later. When they showed up a second time, the delivery people told me again that they weren't supposed to do the installation and that the kit I bought had the wrong cord (3 vs. 4 prong) for this unit. Fortunately, for me they had the correct one and agreed to do the installation. The washer was a top-loader model. After perhaps a half-dozen uses, the washer stopped mid-cycle. There were no error codes, and my clothes were locked in the machine in water. I called the Sears number listed on line and scheduled a repair appointment and was told if I unplugged the washer, the latch would unlock. It didn't. It was a week later that the repairman came, and he discovered that the "motherboard" or electronics behind the display console had "fried". There was nothing he could do, I was told, and he ordered the new electronics board and said it would be another week or ten days before the part would be delivered. The repairman was unable to unlatch the washer lid, and my clothes were still inside in water, so he had to pry off the whole top of the washer using screwdrivers and paint scrapers. More disturbingly, he told me the washer/dryer were not Kenmore's - that they were LG's with a Kenmore label slapped over the LG label. This was very upsetting since I new LG's had trouble with their top loaders and never would have purchased them had I known. At that point, I went down to the Sears store and requested that they take the washer/dryer back and sell me the Samsung brand. They agreed and scheduled pick up of the old and delivery of the new for three days later. The delivery people showed up and AGAIN told me they weren't supposed to do the installation. Needless to say, I was upset about this response; however, they eventually agreed to do it. Today, I used my new Samsung washer to cold-wash delicate clothes for the first time. Shortly after the washer started, I got an error code that the hot/cold water connection was not correct. I opened the lid of the washer and discovered - to my horror - that it had filled with HOT water! In the wash with the other clothes were two brand new shirts that I had just purchased for $141.00 and they were, of course ruined. The Samsung user's manual showed the proper connections for the hot/cold water hoses. When I looked at the back of the washer, I could see that they were misconnected - hot to cold and cold to hot. I moved the washer and dryer out so I could get in behind them and after struggling with wrenches and water on the floor, I was able to connect the hoses properly and finish the wash. All of these occurrences took place while I am on crutches for injured knees. Needless to day, I am extremely unhappy with Sears and at a minimum expect to be reimbursed for the two new, never-worn shirts. I have attached the invoice. Until this experience, I had been a loyal advocate of Kenmore's for over 30 years. The original purchase had been my third set of Kenmore's during that timeframe. After this experience, I will not only not buy anything labeled Kenmore, I will never shop at Sears again.