1. Home & Family I have a Master Service Agreement with Sears on my AC/Heating system. A Sears repairman came to my home last week to fix my AC/Heating system. He also came on October 21 to replace an ignitor for my heater. Today is the first day I have used my heater since the repair and the heat will not come on. I brought my daughter home from the hospital last night and it is the coldest day we have had and my heater does not work. I called Sears repair and spoke to 3 people asking if they could please send someone to my home. The last person I spoke to told me he would have someone call me within an hour. That was 4 hours ago and of course no one has called. I'm supposing he told me that to get me off the phone. My still ill daughter is huddled under a pile of covers and our heat is not working. Sears supposedly made the repair, but it does not work and now they refuse to return my call and are telling me they will not be out until Tuesday. It is Saturday today. I called Sears Repair back and have now been on hold for over 30 minutes. What kind of company does this to their customers? Last month I spent over $1300.00 on Master Service Agreements with Sears on my appliances. Now that I have purchased these service agreements and they have my money they refuse to return my call. In order for my daughter to not get sick again and have to return to the hospital it looks like I will need to call another repair company. What company does this to their customers?