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  1. Home & Family I am appalled at the treatment I received from a customer solutions team member just now. I purchased a Kenmore Elite Microwave combo from Sears outlet in Santa Ana July 12, 2013.. We moved in July 20th and it has not worked since - After 6 visits by a tech - we still have a non working Kenmore Elite convection Microwave/Oven combo. I was actually told because i bought it from the SEARS outlet - we deserved what we got - can you believe this? I have purchased from Sears for over 30 years and this will be my last purchase. This company has ZERO customer service. Where do i go from here? I cannot afford to buy a new unit - this was to be my retirement gift to myself. The oven has a one year warranty- Do I need to SUE to get my microwave repaired? Is this what Sears has become?