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  1. Home & Family Once again Sears promises to make right but in the end delivers nothing but frustration.

  2. Outdoors Hello - I placed an order for a gas grill on holiday tax weekend on Aug. 11th. It is now Sept. 9th and I still do not have a fully functional gas grill. This is how my saga has unfolded. I purchased a 4-burner Kenmore grill on Aug. 11th. I asked for free assembly and free home delivery as the display sign says is available. Of course the fine print says you get one or the other, not both. The first of many misleading things I was led to believe. Next I was told the grill would be assembled and ready for me to pickup on Wed. Aug. 14th. I arrived at the store, scanned my receipt and out came my grill.....in a box...UNASSEMBLED!!! The manager apologized (one of many apologies I would receive over the next 3-4 weeks) and said come back tomorrow and your grill will be assembled and ready for pickup. Which means another hour and a half of my time and another friend I had to ask a favor of borrowing a pickup truck since I don't own one. We arrive at the store and the grill is loaded onto the truck and I brought it home. When unloading the grill I realize that the grill I was given is a 3 burner, less expensive, smaller model than the 4 burner grill I ordered and paid for. Yes I received the wrong grill. I called the store manager (Scott H. who is a nice guy) and he said that the store had the same problem with several other orders that weekend. He also said that I neede to deliver the grill back to them the next day. To this day I am not sure why I actually delivered the grill back to them as this was not my mistake. Further, I had to ask another friend for a favor of borrowing his truck. I delivered the grill back to the store (another hour and a half of my time wasted). The manager, Scott cancelled the sale and ordered me the correct 4 burner grill and said it would be delivered to me on Aug. 22nd. The correct grill was delivered on Aug. 22nd, but sure enough the front doors were crooked and would not close properly, and the left side of the grill was dented and had a loose handle. How/why the delivery team looked at the grill and thought this was ok is beyond me. I was not home for the delivery (wife was home for delivery) and did not see this until the next day when I tried to use the grill. I fired up the grill for dinner only to find that one of the main burners did not ignite and the rotisserie and side burners also did not ignite!!! I called customer service the next day to tell them about the dent and they said a tech would come out on Thurs Sept. 5th (almost 2 weeks later!!!). I took a half day off from work and waited for the tech, and waited and waited and waited. Finally I called the Delivery team. Sure enough they had no record of a tech coming to my house. In a state of shock I calmly rescheduled another tech appointment. Actually 2 appointments because customer service said the tech who is checking on the doors is not capable of checking out the burners that do not ignite. Amazing! I scheduled a tech for the doors for Sunday Sept. 8th (yesterday) and a tech for the burners (none available until Sept. 19th!!). I wake up Sunday morning at 7:15am and the tech arrives at 7:45am. He looked at the doors and said "i'd have to completely remove the doors to fix that." And there's nothing I can do about the dent. Since 3 of the burners aren't working, I would call the store for an exchange." He then proceeded to put a piece of paper in front of me and asked me to sign so that he gets credit for showing up today!!! Wow!! The tech came out to look at the doors, and decided after a 2 minute visit that he couldn't fix them or the dent and then leaves. I'm at my wit's end at this point. I just called Delivery customer service and they are saying they will pick up the grill and process a refund in about 2 weeks and that I can drive back to Sears (for a 5th time!) and buy a new grill. I don't know where to turn to at this point. Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.Thank you!ronzo28