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  1. Home & Family Does anyone know what my recourse is when Segwick denies a claim? My hardwood floow was damaged after my refrigerator water line leaked not once but twice! The first time the tech repaired the leak and then 5 months later it sprank a leak again! This time the tech replace the line and he opened an axikit took pictures of the damage and even had us sign a release. He gave us the information to call Segwick who were very nice to start I followed all there advice did what they told me so I was very surprised to get a letter saying the claim was denied. They even went as far as saying I was not telling the truth about the incident as they said they talked to the service tech! After that Segwick has been very rude and told me they really did not care what I did next. I called corporate and they also said Segwick makes the decisions. So needless to say I have not had anything done and my hardwood floor looks terrible and I am left to deal with this alone. Anyone that can give me any help would be greatly appreciated.