1. Home & Family I am ver upset and disappointed with the poor customer service and unfair treatment I receivers while trying to purchase a washing machine on 11/4/13. I made the purchase around 10:00pm online at searsoutlet.com and received a confirmation email with Order# 11043265676 (Salescheck 093220148485) at 10:09pm explaining that the store was closed and that my order would be promptly processed the following morning when the store opens. The next morning 11/5/13 I received a second email at 10:25am confirming that my purchase of Item#: 02645853991- 5.2 cu. ft. MegaCapacity Steam FrontLoad Washer Graphite Steel was ready for pick up, with a breakdown of charges and instruction on where to come pick my washing machine up, I gotta a great deal Right, WRONG, so after renting a vehicle for 70 non-refundable dollars to go to columbus to get my washer I received a third Email stating that my oder was canceled and apologies for any inconvenience, So I called sears outlet.com customer service line and spoke to Karen who called the store where I made my purchase and put me on the phone with a manager named Steve, he explained that my washer was sold that morning and there was nothing he could do for me, but offer a $100 gift card on another purchase, and that was not acceptable, so Karen referred me to the customer relations line and I spoke to Roberta. She offered an additional 10% which still wasn't acceptable because I brought the washer for $729.00 + tax and with a $100 gift card and 10% off the cost still would have been more by hundreds of dollars over what I paid for the washer originally, so Roberta says she emailed a district manager and that district manager would call me back within 72 hours, which doesn't seem like a rush to satisfy my issue to me, but anyway it is now Saturday night 11/9/13 which makes this 4 days later, over 96 hours and still haven't received a call or an email or any other form of contact from a Sears official trying to resolve this matter. I'm very upset and very dissappointed that I could buy something from a big company like Sears and have my credit card charged for the purchase, and have my purchase sold to someone else. I see the same washer on sale still on this site and in stores, it seems easy to me for Sears to make good on my purchase, but haven't yet and I'm still waiting for someone from Sears to deliver the customer service that a long time patron of Sears should deserve!